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The Torment-Forbidden traverse in a day... almost with Jason D. 16th Aug 2008.
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Jason tries to get is act together after over doing it on the carbo loading.
The approach to the south ridge of Torment.
Torment's south ridge, complete with grassy ledges.
Summit #1, Mount Torment,
Forbidden from the summit of Torment. That's a lot of ridge.
Rapelling onto the glacier.
Trying to get back onto the rock. More glacier bullshit.
Real rock at last. Jason tries to climb his way out of trouble.
Stay away from the white stuff!
Wayne W. or his climbing partner catching us up.
Then end is in sight but still a long way off.
West ridge of Forbidden.
Jason on the final catwalk before the base of the ridge.
Climbing Forbidden, very fast as we were running out of daylight.
Jason on Forbidden's summit.