N-Body Resources

A list of resources for the teeny tiny number of people who find this interesting.

Note: This page isn’t finished but I wanted to finally get this published so it’s here. I’ll finish it in the next few days. Most of this is easily discoverable using Bing, Google, Bingle or whatever search engine takes your fancy.

Basic Physics


Modeling and Algorithms

The Art of Computational Science – Great tutorial on implementing n-body models using Ruby and C.

Details of common n-body integration algorithms:

Forward Euler integration – Simplest possible approach.

Leapfrog integration – A slightly more complex approach with better accuracy.

Parallel N-Body Simulations – Review of some of the most significant parallel implementations, tree codes etc.

The Treecode Guide – Joshua Barnes’ file by file guide to his tree code simulation in C.

Implementation Specifics

DirectX – If you can’t see it then it doesn’t count

CUDA – Because its “stupid fast”

Optimization – C# and C++