Reflections on ParaPLoP 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010 – 2:25 PM

2010 ParaPLoP Participants.

I was lucky enough to attend ParaPLoP 2010 at the end of March. I got to meet many of the people I’d only know as voices on the end of the phone during the monthly Our Pattern Language workshops. You can see the papers we workshopped here.

Over the course of the three days I had some great conversations about where parallel computing is heading and the challenges new hardware will present to software developers.

Here’s the final version of the Task Graph paper I submitted. This is a more formal writeup but it covers much of the same ground as Futures and Continuation Tasks chapter of the “A Guide to Parallel Programming” book (download draft here).

I’ve also included a link to the original workshop paper, prior to feedback at ParaPLoP. I’ve included for those interested in the writer’s workshop process. You’ll see there’s a vast difference in readability between the original and workshopped papers.