Seattle Code Camp is Coming

Thursday, April 8, 2010 – 5:45 PM

Fast… Faster… FASTER!My talk, “Fast… Faster… FASTER!” got accepted at Seattle Code Camp. I’ll be speaking at 10:15 on Saturday 17th. In a rare display of organization I’ve even started writing the deck with a little help from Banksy on the graphics. I’ll also be putting some more of the source code up on BitBucket/NBody so you’ll be able to dig into the rest of the code.

There’s pretty much a parallel programming track on Saturday with myself, Reed Copsey, Jr. and Tiberiu Covaci camped out in room 2015 most of the day. And don’t miss Justin’s session in room 2007 on Sunday morning, it doesn’t sound like it’s about parallel programming but I suspect that it is.

Even if parallel programming isn’t your thing there’s talks on all sorts of other things like; Azure (Scott) and ASP.NET MVC (Brad). Looks like there’s a bunch of people signed to attend up so hopefully I’ll see you there.