Help Review Agile 2009 Talk and Paper Submissions

Thursday, February 5, 2009 – 2:23 PM

Agile 2009 conference web site...

The deadline for submissions to Agile 2009 rapidly approaches! It’s Feb 13th.

We’re busy reviewing submissions for the Agile & Organizational Culture stage and I’m sure the other stages are busy too. If you’re not planning on giving a talk you can still attend the conference and be part of the community putting it together by reviewing submissions. You simply have to go to the conference web site and browse the proposals and add feedback.

I have a couple more talks planned. If you have time I’d welcome feedback on them.

When Practices are not Enough, a Principled Approach to Agile Adoption

Many agile adoptions focus on implementing specific sets of processes and engineering practices. Understanding the underlying principles and values of the agile manifesto is necessary to truly achieve agility throughout the software development lifecycle. This is especially true when your project or team are presented with additional constraints like a distributed team, legacy code base or unusual product requirements.

with Stephen Cohen (Microsoft Consulting)


Some Thoughts on the Future of Tools for the Agile Developer

While the agile community promotes people over process and tools, tools can assist people in following the lightweight ceremony associated with agile development. Good tools for agile development share several key attributes. They are low friction, applicable in multiple contexts and can be adapted to meet the changing needs of teams. We’ll explore the future of agile tools in terms of supporting lightweight processes to help your team adopt and deliver consistent results with agile.

with Dan Massey (Microsoft Visual Studio Team System)

I previously blogged about the first couple of topics I submitted on:

Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices

The Scrum Bestiary: Pigs, Foxes, Chickens and Seagulls a behavioral taxonomy

Take part and help make the conference even better than last year.


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