Scaling Agile Up and Out – A Tale From the Trenches

Thursday, November 13, 2008 – 2:15 PM

Download the talk handouts.Thanks everyone who attended my talk today at Agile Development Practices 2008.

The PDF of the slide deck is available for download and includes some additional speaker notes.

This talk was based on two papers; Agility and the Inconceivably Large and Distributed Agile Development at patterns & practices which include lots more detail I didn’t have time to cover.

Here are some other resources that also cover some aspects of the topic in more detail:

  • The Team Foundation Server team has also published some guidance around branching which gives some detail into how to implement the strategy covered in the talk. It also discusses Feature Crews.
  • An interview with Mark Osborne, Microsoft Developer Division Architect who’s primary focus is on developer productivity. He talks about Feature Crews.

The books we based our process at patterns & practices on are listed on our agile showcase page (at the bottom).

The other book I mentioned was “Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Successful Large, Multisite & Offshore Products with Large-Scale Scrum”. It’s not available yet but I wrote about it and how to download a preview chapter here.

During the my repeat of this talk at the UW Extension Program I was also asked how many other teams at Microsoft were using agile approaches. I don’t have any hard numbers but there is some published data on this. You can read about it and my opinion on the data here.

In the future I’ll be publishing more related content on my blog and also on the new patterns & practices Agile Development Showcase

  1. 2 Responses to “Scaling Agile Up and Out – A Tale From the Trenches”

  2. Enjoyed your talk in scaling up agile at Agile Dev 2008 in Orlando… However, I’m getting a file error opening the PDF… You may need to double check the file.

    By Steve Driver on Nov 16, 2008

  3. Steve,

    My bad. Not sure how that happend. I’ve updated the PDF file. It should download fine now.


    By Ade Miller on Nov 16, 2008

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