Agile 2008 – One Hundred Days of Continuous Integration

Thursday, August 7, 2008 – 8:00 AM

My talk on the patterns & practices Service Factory:ME team’s experiences with Continuous Integration (CI) and our data analysis of the CI and Team Foundation Server logs is this morning at Agile 2008. You can find the presentation for this talk here:

One Hundred Days of Continuous Integration – slide deck

One Hundred Days of Continuous Integration – paper

Here’s the abstract from the conference paper.

Many agile teams use Continuous Integration (CI). It is one of the Extreme Programming practices and has been broadly adopted by the community [1].  Just how effective is it? Does the effort of maintaining the CI server and fixing build breaks save time compared to a lengthier check-in process that attempts to never break the build? While much anecdotal evidence exists as to the benefits of CI there is very little in the way of data to support this. How do you convince teams and management that it’s worth adopting and how best to do it? This report outlines our experience with CI in a distributed team environment and attempts to answer these questions.

The deck actually includes some speaker notes so it’s not complete unintelligible even if you didn’t attend the talk. I’ve also attached both the deck and the paper (PDF) to the original session slot on the Agile 2008 site (login required to see attachments here).

I post frequently on Continuous Integration and agile development as well as a host of related topics.

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