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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 – 1:49 AM

I’ve been playing with Twitter for the last couple of weeks. All in all it’s been pretty interesting. I’ve synced up with a few people I’ve not seen in a long time and learnt a few things along the way. I’ve also had to trawl through a lot of… crap.

Tweets are supposed to answer the question “What are you doing?” And therein lies the problem. There are some people who seem to think their lives are a tad more interesting than they actually. In fact a lot more interesting than anyone’s life could possibly be.

Turns out that the biggest offenders are the “pro” blogger crowd. YES this means you ROBERT SCOBLE, and you JASON CALACANIS:

JasonCalacanis I’m streaming live right now, come chat!

Scobleizer I want to advertise on only one guy’s account. I want to spam the heck out of @jasoncalacanis. :-)

JasonCalacanis can someone at Facebook lift the 5,000 fried ban on my account? – i have

Scobleizer Wow, I just passed 20,000 people I’m following. That’s just crazy.

Scobleizer The fact that my post is on top of TechMeme demonstrates that Saturdays are saved for bitchmemes. :-)

You get the idea. I didn’t even have to make any of these up. To paraphrase Winston Churchill

“Never has so little been said to so many by so few”

It’s not just me. Hugh Macleod has cartooned to the same conclusion – “Why I deleted my Twitter account“. If you’ve not come across Hugh’s cartoons before then check them out.


I’ve not quit yet but I’ll certainly not be following any of the professional media crowd if this is the best they can do.

Good etiquette is everything on Twitter. Trying to follow more than a few people gets pretty much impossible unless you try and stick to some basic rules – Twitter ten commandments.

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