Choosing an agile process – Part 7: Making the case

Friday, February 1, 2008 – 9:52 AM

Someone asked me yesterday “How do I convince people to do Agile?”

My answer is “Don’t”. By that I mean I don’t think you should adopt Agile for Agile’s sake alone, that’s just “The means justify the ends”. It has to be solving some issues in your organization. Organizational change requires effort so you need to build a case for it.

What you should be asking is what are your biggest challenges?

If the answer is that everything is just fine but my developers don’t like the soda we provide then Agile isn’t going to solve the soda problem. If the response is more along the lines of shipping poor quality software, now that’s a problem agile can help with. Figure out their pain points, figure out where they want to be and then start applying some agile principles to help them get there.

Oh… And if you have a team who can only complain about the soda choices then congratulations!

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