Recession proofing your career

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 – 7:31 AM

Rumors of layoffs at Yahoo (now confirmed) have sparked a few notable posts on a recession and how to survive it. The Scobleizer started this with his Surviving the 2008 recession post back in December but today the WebWorker Daily started offering advice on 5 ways to recession proof your career. While Penelope Trunk has a slightly more optimistic take; Maybe there will be a recession. Here’s what to do just in case.

All of which can be pretty much summarized as pick something useful and be really good at it and make sure people know you are through your networking and other activities (e.g. your blog).

On a slightly more upbeat note, Microsoft – for the moment at least – is still hiring. Read my post on interviewing at Microsoft.

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  2. the Economic Recession has been pretty hard on us. some of my friends lost their job because of the massive job cuts. i just hope that our economy becomes better in the following years.

    By liquidmelatonin on Jul 27, 2009

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