Reports & Writing

This is just a list of trip reports, and climbing related writing. More trip reports can also be found in the Picture Gallery.

A list of technical and physics publications is also available.


I’ve put most of the reports from larger sponsored trips online here:

Price N.D. et. al. (1987) Svalbard Acid Rain Project ’87. 1

Geoff Wessel, Rob Weight, Ade Miller and Gordon Jones (1990) Nottingham University Peruvian Ice ’89. 1

Paul Knott, Ade Miller, Nick Smyth and Adam White (1990) Bath University High Altai Expedition 1990. 1 2

Ade Miller et al. (1992) Southampton University Mountaineering Club Bolivian Expedition ’92Adobe PDF file. 1 2

Ade Miller (1992) Ascents in the Apolobamba – a review of climbing activityAdobe PDF file.

Paul Knott, Ade Miller, Paul Mead and Rob Wilson (1993) British Mount Augusta Expedition 1993Adobe PDF file. 2

Ade Miller and Rob Weight (1995), British Garhwal Expedition 1994.

Paul Knott and Ade Miller (1996) Mount King George Expedition 1996Adobe PDF file. 2

Paul Knott and Ade Miller (1999) Hubbard Glacier Mountaineering Expedition 1999Adobe PDF file. 2

Short reports also appear in the AJ, AAJ and NWMJ. You can also find some initial reports of climbs in the North Cascades on Cascade Climbers and reports for Canada on Bivouac (a list of my entries is available).


In the course of all this I’ve also written a few more creative articles on climbing:

Ade Miller and Paul Knott (1992) Going Russian, Mountain, 143, p36-41.

Ade Miller (1993) Land of the Llama, written for High Mountain Sports, unpublished.

Ade Miller (1995) Dangerous Sports Web Sites, The .net Directory, ?, Future Publishing Ltd.

Ade Miller (2003) The Passport CouloirAdobe PDF file, Alpine Club Newsletter, Jan 2003, p3.

Ade Miller and Simeon Warner (2006) Good times on Good Neighbor, Alpine Journal, 2006 , p115-120.

AJ Area Notes

In 2003 I started editing the Alpine Journal’s Area Notes for North America which is compiled from notes provided by the American Alpine Club and other sources:

Ade Miller (2003) Area Notes for North America 2002, Alpine Journal, 2003.

Ade Miller (2004) Area Notes for North America 2003, Alpine Journal, 2004.

Ade Miller (2005) Area Notes for North America 2004, Alpine Journal, 2005.

Ade Miller (2006) Area Notes for North America 2005, Alpine Journal, 2006.

Adobe PDF fileSome of these reports are in Adobe PDF format a free reader is available for download from Adobe.

1. Also filed at the R.G.S. Library, London. 2. Also filed in the A.C. Library, London.