Packing Lists

I’ve put the packing list I use for longer trips, Denali, the Waddington and the like, online. This is pretty exhaustive, a lot of it gets left behind on shorter trips.

The important thing about packing is not forgetting anything. I have a foolproof method for this which double checks each item:

  1. A week or so before the trip clear out one corner of a room as a packing area
  2. Start digging up stuff on your packing list and dumping it in a big pile in the space you just cleared. Highlight each item on the list as it arrives
  3. The day before the trip pack everything into bags and cross each item off the list as it goes in
  4. Before you leave there shouldn’t be anything left lying around there you packed

It works. I’ve never forgotten anything yet.

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  1. Michael:

    Awesome idea, I’ll keep that in mind next time I pack for my trip. Be safe!


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