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Climbing Web Search Engine

So I put together a web search engine based on Google’s custom search that should give better results for climbing related searches. For example if you search for “Omega” the first results returned will be fore the Omega Pacific climbing gear company not Omega watches.

Let me know if you think it’s working. I’m still testing it out.

Recommended "stuff"

So it’s a wet Friday night and I finally got around to some site updating. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I finally got around to some of it. I now have pages for gear and books I’ve been using for a long while and really like. These are short lists because I’m not trying to sell stuff for the sake of selling stuff.

Recommended alpine climbing gear
Recommended reading

Enjoy. Hopefully I’ll have some new pictures up soon. It’s going to be 50F at Index on Sunday so cragging might be back on the agenda.

Google Ads

So I’m writing this from my private island recently purchased off the profits made from adding Google ads to my web site. No sooner had a put them up the money started just rolling in and by lunchtime I could afford half of Bolivia but I held off for a small island just off Maui.

OK, so not quite. Hopefully the ads aren’t so annoying that you’ll stop reading and they might just pay for my hosting costs. Maybe not but it did kill a few hours I would only have spent working for the man.

On a different, even more humorous note… For those of you interested in decipering some of those unique English phrases, as used in the UK, you might want to check out my new BritSpeak series, a guide to understatement, on my other blog.

World Map page works with FireFox

The World Map now works in the latest version of FireFox ( It’s been bugging me for a while and presumably the 22% of people who read my site with FireFox have noticed too.

This also served to remind me that cross browser scripting is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

Peru picture gallery part II

More updates to the Peru gallery. I’ve added pictures of our climb of Pisco Oeste and a somewhat less successful visit to the Ishinca area. That’s pretty much all the pictures online now.

Over the winter I might try and get some of my slides from trips to Bolivia and Ecuador back in the 90s scanned. One of the interesting things about this trip was seeing how much South America has changed in the last decade.

Peru picture gallery part I

I’ve uploaded the first of my pictures from Peru and created a gallery for South America. This is the first installment, mainly Huaraz and some of the hiking trips we did around the city. I’ll be adding the rest within the week.

More Leavenworth and Favorites photos

I added a few more pictures to the Leavenworth gallery after another trip there with Al and Jason. What with that and a second improptu ascent of Heart of Gold / Prime Rib with Robert when the weather on Mount Stuart refused to cooperate I’m spending a lot of time on Leavenworth granite these days.

I’ve also updated the Favorites gallery with a bunch of pictures I picked out to have printed. This brings the total to over five hundred pictures in the climbing gallery.

Leavenworth Pictures

It’s that time of year again. Winter is over and the snow has melted in Icicle Canyon so it’s time to commute to the “Bavarian Pillage” of Leavenworth and go cragging. Soon it’ll be time to sneak out of work early to go play at Index too.

I’ve added a Leavenworth photo gallery with some pictures from recent weekends. This year I inexplicably seem to be able to climb 5.10a slabs off the couch. Predictably I’m putting this down to better core strength from a year of CrossFit.

This can’t last but I’m going to make the best of it. You can expect stories of big falls and horrendous skin grafts all too shortly I’m sure.

Something Different… Arapiles, Australia

So the weather here is pretty much terrible for climbing so that means more time for scanning…

More Yukon Pictures

More gallery updates:

  • Added a new gallery for my second Yukon trip in 1996 to the King George and Queen Mary peaks. This is a big gallery with fifty pictures!
  • Finally added a picture of Paul K to the people gallery. This is long overdue as he and I have been on four major trips together.