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Fight gone really bad… almost

Some good things just aren’t supposed to go together…

An afternoon snack of herring in canola oil. Good! Way better than coffee and donuts.

CrossFit. Also Good! More fun than running and a better way to burn off the donut I didn’t eat. Fight Gone Bad even better.

Fight Gone Bad and hour after that afternoon snack? Errm… Not quite so good. The herring nearly came back for a rematch after the end of round three. Thankfully I managed to keep it together by hugging one of the jumping boxes.

Still it was better than my last experiment in diet and working out.

Someone’s idea of a joke?

And if NOAA making up new bad weather colors for their map wasn’t enough the woman who reads the weather on KUOW seems to be called Rainy Cohen.

New winter weather

I swear the weather people are having to make up new colors for all their different warnings. yesterday’s map had even more pretty colors on it than this one! A different pretty color for each warning, how sweet.

NOAA weather map
On a slightly different note I’d like to report the result of a small experiment last night at CrossFit. While tall heavy guys tend to do better at rowing artificially increasing your weight doesn’t really help. 500m with a 50lb weight vest was fast but not really any faster. Plus I couldn’t speak for about five minute afterwards.

Google Ads

So I’m writing this from my private island recently purchased off the profits made from adding Google ads to my web site. No sooner had a put them up the money started just rolling in and by lunchtime I could afford half of Bolivia but I held off for a small island just off Maui.

OK, so not quite. Hopefully the ads aren’t so annoying that you’ll stop reading and they might just pay for my hosting costs. Maybe not but it did kill a few hours I would only have spent working for the man.

On a different, even more humorous note… For those of you interested in decipering some of those unique English phrases, as used in the UK, you might want to check out my new BritSpeak series, a guide to understatement, on my other blog.


The blog simply isn’t funny enough. Dammit. Why can’t I write like the Fat Cyclist? Fatty is not just funny he’s eloquent to boot. Fatty even gets paid to write stuff.

Oh and in case you didn’t know I’ll let you in on a secret… “Fatty” is not the least bit fat. A couple of years back he graced us with his presence at the SIR 100K Populaire, a hilly sufferfest around the Issaquah Alps. If that’s fat then I’m morbidly obese. He also dropped me before we even reached the first climb, something I will never forgive him for.

Forthwith… let there be more humor on Alpine Climbing.

Dopers really do suck

Dopers Suck, really.

So apparently I simply wasn´t doing enough drugs. And to think I was actually sorry to be missing this year´s Tour De France before I left home. A travesty of a farce of a sham. Time to find another sport to follow where half the contestants get caught cheating and it starts to feel like the other half just haven´t got caught yet.

Pity really as cycling is fun to do and quite a lot of fun to watch.

Ten Things NOT to Take Alpine Climbing

After some trial and error, not to mention a fair amount of discomfort, here’s a list of some stuff you shouldn’t take climbing…

Canned fish – Yes. I climbed a two day route in the Waddington Range a few years back and my partner decided the lightweight food du jour was canned sardines. I made him eat them all at the bottom of the serious climbing and we suffered the intestinal consequences for two days.

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