The game of Urban Running

So I just got back from a conference in Washington, DC. DC has lots of crosswalks with lights and lots of cops who can get upset if they see you jay walking. So unless you want your run to consist of a lot of rests then you have to figure out what at the crosswalks.

I came up with two rules for the “game” …

  1. If the crosswalk isn’t in your favor do squats until it is.
  2. If you run past a flight of steps with more than ten steps you have to run up and down it at least once.

The lights are also sort of interesting as they show the number of second remaining until they change. This means you can try and make a light before it goes red on you by running faster so you also get a sort of interval workout along with everything else. You end up doing a lot of squats. I figure in a six mile run you end up doing about a hundred and fifty to two hundred. Enough to know about it the next day.