Loosing weight

Loosing weight the ¨easy¨ way. 1 – Get something akin to flu. 2 – Pick up a stomach infection. Try climbing at altitude – unsuccessfully – while still dealing with said illnesses. Live on a diet of cytomax and two PowerBars a day for a couple of days to try and shift 2 while still dealing with 1. Sleep a lot. Become deeply distrustful of any food that isn´t shrinkwrapped and made entirely of chemicals.

Realize that you´re probably not going to summit anything but Pisco Oeste – which doesn´t count as ¨climbing¨- this trip. Try not to sulk too much and console yourself that at least the mythical goal of better back defintion has been partially achieved and none of your clothes will fit for several months.


  1. Susan:

    Count me in for next year!

  2. Rich:

    me too! mmmm…better back definition