Basecamp Food: Breakfast Burritos

The first posts on food were how to take as little as possible on an alpine route. This is about how to stuff your face at basecamp. There are two fun parts to a climbing trip; the bit where you actually get to climb something and the other bit – when you sit around, eat, read, watch the weather and talk BS about the routes you’re going to climb.

One of my big time climbing partners, Simeon, is a bit of a “foodie”. He’s the sort of person who knows stuff about what wine goes with what food, how to make his own pasta and what the hell truffle oil is. You get the idea. Me, I’m in the “there are three foods; protein, carbs and fat” camp. Shopping for expedition food can be a little entertaining at times.

Where Simeon really comes into his own is at basecamp… This is one of his top efforts from our last Yukon trip.

Breakfast Burritos

A couple of eggs or egg beaters*
Tomato paste
Cayenne pepper
Dried onions
Oil, margarine or butter
Flour tortillas

Making the hot sauce: Boil up the onions in a little water. Drain off most of the excess. Add the pepper and tomato paste and heat.

Fry the eggs in the fat and soften the tortillas by laying them over the top of the frying pan. Assembly the eggs with hot sauce in a tortilla and you’re set!

* According to Simeon eggs taste better. According to Ade egg beaters are easier to fly in and he can’t really tell the difference.