Leashless Alpine Climbing

A while back I blogged a bit about a leashless setup for my Quarks. The rain finally stopped and this weekend I got to try them out in the alpine. Nice big three day route – lots of time to figure out if my setup really works or not.


Makes it impossible to drop a tool. Its attached to you at all times. With a normal leash there’s a bunch of times you have to get out of it to do other stuff like taking a sling off your neck.


It’s two more things to get tangled in all the other junk involved in alpine climbing. I don’t really think there’s anyway around this.

The leashes are attached to the bottom of the tool making them difficult to plant, not that a Quark is that easy to plant anyway.

The ones I made are only designed to hold the weight of the tool so you can’t belay through your leashes – not that you should do this anyway.

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  1. Anonymous:

    nice blog…i made myself a pair of those, now if only i can find the time + place to use them…

    graham crackers