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The climbing the Cosley-Houston on Colfax Peak with Bill P. 26th Oct 2008.
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Colfax Peak. Party of two climbers can be seen at the base of the route.
Bill P on the approach up the Coleman Glacier.
Party above us finishing seconding the first pitch.
The party above us starting the first ice pitch.
Party above us on the second ice pitch.
Bill hiking up the ramp between the two ice pitches and trying not to get hit by stuff.
Bill after finishing the second pillar.
Bill leading the upper slopes.
Bill approaching the summit.
Cheesy summit photo, Mount Baker in the background.
Descending to the Coleman Glacier.
Must come back for the Polish Route!

A quick trip up the Cosley-Houston

I was looking for a partner for Colfax Peak and Bill P was able to get out of some commitments elsewhere so we could leave Saturday at noon. This put us at the Hogsback camp before dark so we could take a good look at the route up the glacier. This turned out to be a good thing...

We ended up doing the route behind another party so it took a couple of hours longer than I would have liked but the weather was good and once we'd got started neither of us were too cold.


This isn't in any of the popular guidebooks but the route and descent are pretty straightforward. It's really only two short ice steps, although the first one is steeper than it looks. As always in Washinton it's really more about the condition of the ice, which is never great.