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A road trip though southeast BC with Simeon Warner. July 2008.
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A Short Walk in the Selkirks
Getting ready to hike in after fortifying the truck.
Raised walkways on the easy part of the approach.
Hiking up towards the Kain hut and the Hound's Tooth.
The Kain hut. No place for the really committed to sleep.
Boulder campsite below the Kain hut.
The Bugaboo stairmaster.
The Kain Route on Bugaboo Spire, left skyline.
Hiking the lower sections of the Kain route on Bugaboo Spire.
The lower part of the 5.4 corner pitch.
Upper part of the Kain route.
Summit with Howser Towers in the background.
Figuring out the rap anchors for the NE Buttress route.
Cheap climbing shoes eqauls red feet.
Pigeon Spire.
Hiking towards the spires at dawn.
Hiking up to the West ridge of Pigeon Spire.
Soloing up the West ridge of Pigeon Spire.
Roped up for the last pitch below the summit.
Simeon on the very top of Pigeon Spire.

The Selkirks, Bugaboos and Skaha road trip

Here's the short story …

Simeon and I drove to Roger’s pass and had bad weather for an attempt on Mount Sir Donald. Went and had a look at getting into the north end of the Selkirks but were defeated by a very closed logging road.

Carried on driving, driving, driving to Golden for lunch and then into the Bugaboos where we climbed; the Kain route on Bugaboo Spire and the West ridge of Pigeon Spire to warm up. Then after a weather enforced rest day, during which we hiked out to the car for beer, we managed the NE Buttress on Bugaboo and the Kraus-McCarthy route on Snowpatch. We also climbed a route on the Crescent Towers on out rest day.

The weather looked like it was going to break so we spent the last couple of days in Penticton doing a little bit of cragging on the Skaha Bluffs. It was very hot but we managed to stick to the shade and get a few nice routes done before heading back home.

This was a pretty low key trip for us I hadn't done much climbing since last year's trip to Peru and accompanying illness and Simeon is getting back upto speed after breaking several bones in an ice climbing accident a year ago.


For guidebooks Elaho is the place to go. They produce guides to the Selkirks, North and South, the Bugaboos and Skaha Bluffs. There's also a Mountaineers select guide to the Bugaboos - do yourself a favour, buy the Elaho book.