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A "business" trip to Australia with Jim L. and Martin V. August 1999.
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The World's least inspiring looking crag?
Weird tailess lizards.
Lots of birds too.
I get to lead something.
Why do I always get the chimney pitches?
Martin and Jim hanging out at the end of the day.
Jimbo actually climbing something.
Jimbo cranking the hard stuff.
Martin following.
Best crag in the World?

A "business" trip to Arapiles

So when the project manager called me up and said "So you're staying on with Jim to go climbing right?" I knew I was working for the right bunch of people. I had to cut the trip short to return to England to sit in a muddy field with a bunch of doped up muddy hippies - commonly called the Reading Festival. The few days I did get were well worth the trip.