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Monday, September 23, 2013 – 6:53 AM

What a week it’s been. I’ve spent the last couple of days at the Going Native 2013 conference right here on the Microsoft campus. Essentially this involves hanging out with some of the best C++ developers anywhere. This includes; the inventor of the language, many compiler writers and a lot of people who wrote various bits of the standard. Alongside them are a lot of professional 356 days a year C++ developers.

The really big question is who the hell let me get in there in the first place? I’m not proud, I paid. For a few hundred bucks this is the best conference deal ever. Three days of talks by some of the highest quality speakers and an incredibly savvy audience. I’m not going to say much more. Other than the presentations are already online and if you are interested in C++ at all then you should watch some of them.

So what’s with the weird post title?

tier3_logo120x120 Well, after nearly a decade at Microsoft I’ve decided it’s time to go do something else. I’ve joined the most excellent engineering team at Tier 3. The chance to work for a much smaller company with the likes of Jim Newkirk and Brad Wilson (the xUnit team) and Scott Densmore (ex patterns & practices group), and a cast of other high caliber people was too much to pass up. It’s also a very low friction environment which I’m really happy about.

Coding at the Hock HouseRight now I’m with most of the Tier 3 engineering team are in Utah for a hack house. Spending a couple of weeks hanging out and writing a lot of new code for Tier 3. I’ve also found time to get back on the bike after breaking my collar bone earlier in the summer.

You can figure out what the post title really means.

I’m not intending on ditching C++ for C# and (horror) Javascript. The C++ AMP Algorithms library is something I still intend to keep tinkering with. I’m even giving two talks at Seattle Code Camp on Modern C++ and writing for programmers.

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