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Monday, April 23, 2012 – 8:34 AM


I’m also thinking about hiring for a third reason. I’ve submitted a talk to Seattle Code Camp. With all this hiring I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good interview, interviewer and interviewee. Not to mention how the whole process might be improved from the ground up.

Technical Interviews, the Good, the Bad and the Awesome

For most people a bad hiring decision is the biggest mistake they can make and a great hire can take you and your team to a whole new level. So why do so many teams approach hiring in an ad-hoc manner? This talk is some thoughts on how to improve both as an interviewer and as an interviewee in a technical interview.

What does it take to hire great developers? How to be a great interviewer and run an interview loop. What makes a good coding question and what doesn’t. Hint “write merge sort” doesn’t cut it.

As a candidate how can I navigate technical interviews and coding questions in particular? What are interviewers looking for? How do I show that I have the skills they are looking for?

Is today’s technical interview process the best we can do? How can we build the best experience for both the interviewee and interviewer? Some final thoughts on working within your companies existing framework and were we might go from there.

Ade Miller has been getting hired and hiring for the past couple of decades. Currently he interviews two or three people each week.

Who is the “Will Code for Food!” guy. That’s Mark. Mark’s chutzpah got him a job at the bottom of the .com bubble. He ended up interviewing me for some positions Greythorn when I too got laid off in the tail end of the bubble’s collapse.

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