Geek Vacation Day #2: Going Native 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012 – 3:08 PM


Another great morning at Going Native 2012. Herb Sutter’s keynote on future plans for C++ was really interesting. But so far what’s really impressed me is the CLang compiler’s error and warning handling. I think this would really help the usability of C++. Often half the battle is understanding the small novel returned by incorrect use of a template. He also had some great examples of common gotchas and how CLang gives really useful error information.

In other news…

I’m also helping out with some samples for a book on C++AMP. As soon as they’re ready – really soon I hope – we’ll be making them available for feedback along with some of the book content. As always feedback is the name of the game.

This conference has been great for helping my brush up on my modern C++. Like explaining exactly why

auto v = make_shared<Foo>(1);

Is much better than:

shared_ptr<Foo> v = shared_ptr<Foo>(new Foo(1));

It’s not just because one looks nicer. Looks like I need to go play with my code again.

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