Thinking About What’s Next

Sunday, November 20, 2011 – 11:47 PM

imageSomeone asked me the other day how I thought about what makes a great job.

Who– work with great people. Smart people, motivated people, funny people. The LINQ to HPC and patterns & practices teams at Microsoft are both great examples, as was the development teams I worked for at Summit Software (then XMLDocs).

The funny turns out to sort of be a freebie as if you’re smart then being funny comes pretty easy.

How – I’m a fairly big proponent of pragmatic agile software development. Largely because of the visibility it drives for both the engineering team and stakeholders. You can get a much clearer idea as to the amount of value being delivered and the risks and debt associated with that development. From the engineering team’s perspective it promotes a much more honest dialogue with the customer.

What – Building great stuff! Technically challenging projects that solver a real customer need. Some of my

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