Seattle GPU Meetup

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 – 10:53 PM


Managed to attend my first Seattle HPC & GPU Supercomputing meetup in Bellevue last night. A lot more people than expected. A couple of interesting speakers from MicroWay and AMD talking about AMD’s latest offerings and experiences with OpenCL.

It’s sort of interesting how far things have come in the last couple of years… When I started playing with CUDA the idea of GPUs for compute was still an oddity. Now they seem to be moving into the main stream at least for some markets and workloads.

Microsoft finally announced C++AMP and the AMD Fusion conference this week which I guess adds more momentum to the space although they haven’t announce when this will ship.

Thanks to Raphael, Andrew et al for putting the meetup together and AMD and MicroWay for sponsoring it.

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