The Adventures of a Manager

Sunday, May 29, 2011 – 10:54 AM

adventuresNeed something to go with that $4 latte? For 99c you can have the collected wisdom of one of the best, if not the best manager I’ve ever worked with. That’s with, not for. If your manager is really any good you feel like you’re working with them not for them.

What’s more, you can read it in about the same time it’ll take you to finish the coffee at a leisurely pace.

The Adventures of a Manager -John deVadoss

An easy read, in fact you can read the entire book in about an hour, what distinguishes this book is its focus on real world lessons learned.

Whether you are looking to move to the next set of challenges in your career as a manager or whether you have just taken on a new role as a manager, you will find here a set of takeaways that may help you become a better manager and leader.

I worked for John for a couple of years while he ran the patterns & practices group at Microsoft. At the time I realized I had it good, but it wasn’t until John left and for a while I reported to nobody in particular that I realized just how good.

This book is well worth a read. Its a collection of short thoughts on what it takes to manage software projects and software people. There’s a lot of the patterns & practices group’s agile approach to development in this book too, which is never a bad thing. What it’s not is a weighty tome on the theory of management, or a long series of war stories about life in the management trenches. You can get that in many other places.

I found it a very accessible and refreshing read. Worth checking out…

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