What’s Next for Parallel Programming and Visual Studio?

Monday, January 17, 2011 – 1:58 PM

DEV208 The Future of Parallel Programming in Visual StudioIf you’re interested in some of the things that Microsoft is thinking about when it comes to parallel programming and Visual Studio then you should definitely check out this talk. While I was off speaking in Sweden, China and Japan everyone else was at TechEd Europe in Berlin. Here’s what I missed…

Stephen Toub gave an excellent talk about some of the things that were being considered for upcoming releases. You can watch the talk DEV208 at TechEd 2010, Berlin.

Please take special note of the disclaimer at the start of the talk!

This is a talk about the future… All content is very subject to change

Some of the technology being discussed is; available in CTP form now, will likely be available in CTP form soon, may be available in CTP form some time in the future, may never actually ship (but hopefully it all will)