Patterns of Parallel Programming at Oredev

Thursday, November 11, 2010 – 6:00 AM

oredev_sweden_2010_patterns_of_parallel_programmingI just finished my talk on parallel programming with .NET 4 at Oredev. Great audience with some good questions. I’ve even updated the code to fix my “deliberate mistake” where my blocking collection wasn’t bounded. Thanks to whomever it was in the audience who picked up on that one.

Here’s the final version of the deck..

I’ve also added screen shots from the profiler runs on the A-Dash example showing how CPU utilization and application performance  improves when you exploit the potential parallelism of your application with .NET 4. If you want to run this for yourself using then you’ll need the source code and the Scenario markers library.

Profiler threads view for a fully parallelized A-Dash example.

You can download the source code and the screen shots for the A-Dash example I used in the talk from the Parallel Patterns CodePlex site. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the books we gave out. It was touch and go that they’d arrive in time.

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