Seattle Code Camp

Saturday, April 17, 2010 – 2:55 PM

Fast... Faster.. FASTER! deck I’ve put the decks for today’s talks online you can download them. Due to the erupting volcano in Iceland Tiberiu Covaci couldn’t make Code Camp so Reed Copsey and I filled in the gaps.

Talk Videos will be appearing here soon.

Fast… Faster… FASTER!

Adventures in performance, mixed language programming and optimization. The deck is here. The code I showed is available here on BitBucket… The C#, C++ and F# code is already there. The CUDA project will follow when I can port it to VS 2010. Nvidia have promised support in the next month or so. When they do I’ll port the remaining project to it and deliver the code. The WPF UI and unit tests are not available yet. I’m working on it. The BitBucket Wiki has example code on how to use the code.

Patterns of Parallel Programming deckSomebody asked me about other resources for deep technical “goo” and what actually happens under the covers. The best book I know of in terms of deep technical information on parallel programming is Concurrent Programming on Windows by Joe Duffy. Another great resource to learn about the finer points of the

Patterns of Parallel Programming

Design patterns for writing parallel software with the Task Parallel Library. The deck is here. Sample chapters from our patterns & practices book can be downloaded from the CodePlex site and we’d be happy to hear any feedback. You can also download some of the sample code I showed along with the book chapter.

I had a great time today. Lots of interesting conversations with a great audience. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow if my sore throat improves.