A Guide to Parallel Programming – Drafts of Preface and Chapter 1

Thursday, April 22, 2010 – 4:26 AM

Download drafts. We’ve just dropped the preface and first chapter  to the Parallel Programming Guide to CodePlex site. This is in addition to chapters 2 & 5 which released last week.


This book describes patterns for parallel programming, with code examples that use the Parallel Extensions of .NET Framework 4.0 and the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) that are shipped with Visual Studio 2010. You can use the patterns described in this book to improve your application’s performance on multicore computers. Adopting the patterns in your code will make your application run faster today but will also help prepare for future hardware environments, which are expected to have an increasingly distributed computing architecture.

Chapter 1 Introduction

The CPU meter shows the problem. One core is running at 100%, but all of the others are idle. Your application is CPU bound, but you are using only a fraction of the computing power of your multicore system. What next?

There are also samples for Visual Studio 2010 to go with the chapters. You can find all of this on project downloads page.