A Guide to Parallel Programming – Drafts of Chapters 2 and 5

Friday, April 16, 2010 – 10:50 AM

Download drafts. We’ve just dropped the first two chapters and sample code to the Parallel Programming Guide to CodePlex site.

We have a group of advisors helping us with the content but if you you’re interested in reading what we have so far and providing feedback on it then you can download them. The more concrete feedback we get the better the final book will be.

The two chapters we have are:

Chapter 2 Parallel Loops

Use the parallel loop pattern when the same independent operation needs to be performed for each element of a collection or for a fixed number of iterations. Iterations of a loop are independent if they don’t write to memory locations or files that are read by other iterations. The syntax of a parallel loop is very similar to the for and foreach loops you already know, but the parallel loop performs much faster on multicore computers…

Chapter 5 Futures and Continuations

In chapter 3 you saw how the parallel task pattern allowed you to fork the flow of control in a program. In this chapter, you will see how control flow and data flow can be integrated with two patterns known as futures and continuations. These patterns allow you to schedule tasks that can accommodate data flow constraints…

There are also samples for Visual Studio 2010 to go with the chapters. You can find all of this on project downloads page. Next week we’ll have the introductory chapter available also.