The Task Graph Pattern and ParaPLoP 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010 – 4:18 AM

I’m off to ParaPLoP 2010 in Arizona this week to talk about my Task Graph Pattern paper and discuss another dozen or so papers.

You can look at the patterns we’ll be discussing at they’re published on the agenda page. I’m busy reading through them and already found some things we should include in the parallel patterns book we’re writing. Notably:

Patterns of Optimized Loops

Abstract. Loop constructs play an important role in obtaining speed-
up in parallel programming. In this paper, we explain the solutions ap-
plied for optimizing loops in parallel programs as three patterns for
parallel programming…

Definitely worth a look as it includes some neat approaches to making loops easier to parallelize. I’m sure there’s more, I have another seven or eight papers to read by Monday evening!