Parallel Programming Talks at Seattle Code Camp

Friday, February 26, 2010 – 8:43 AM

There are lots of interesting talks at Seattle Code Camp this year (April 17th and 18th). One of the biggest things I noticed was the number of talks on parallel computing, including one on patterns for parallel programming.

I thought I’d submit something a bit different…

Fast… Faster… FASTER!

What happens when you take a seriously computationally hungry application and use the latest parallel programming features of C#, F# and C/C++ to improve its performance?

In this session we’ll work with a single application and look at some of the parallel features in C#, F# and C/C++, the importance of choosing the right algorithms and how to pick and mix languages and frameworks. The end result is an application running 5x, 20x or even 400x faster by fully utilizing multi-core CPU and GPGPU processors.

Hopefully see you at the camp! I’m excited to get back to talking about code.