I’m Speaking to San Francisco Agile Meetup Group

Monday, January 11, 2010 – 1:57 PM

Agile San Francisco MeetupLooks like I’ll be speaking in San Francisco in February on the 22nd. 

Using Agile with Large, Geographically Dispersed Development Teams

Distributed and large scale development are a fact of life for many teams. Unfortunately most agile methodologies or approaches assume that the team is located in a single team room. Until recently there has been little guidance about how to apply these approaches with a geographically dispersed or very large teams.

Ade Miller has been following an agile, distributed development approach for the past several years. During this time his teams within Microsoft have experimented extensively with different approaches to best address the challenges of distributed agile development and using agile on larger teams.

This meetup will address the challenges faced by large and geographically distributed agile teams and details some proven practices to address these issues and build successful distributed teams.

Definitely looking forward to this one! Great chance to talk to people outside of Redmond about how they do agile.

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  2. Looking forward to the event. There hasn’t been much info. on Agile adoption trends inside Microsoft since David Anderson left MS several years ago. I know the info. in your presentation is specific to the PnP group but, if you have any info. on general MS Agile trends, that would also be really interesting.

    For example, information on the relative “popularity” of XP/Scrum/Kanban etc., or the prevalence of Agile on application teams vs. core OS teams. Also, is there any explicit effort to provide Agile training, or otherwise encourage MS teams to adopt Agile (like at IBM)?

    By AndyL on Feb 15, 2010

  3. Actually I’ll be spending more time on agile outside of p&p that within it…

    Introducing Agile in the Very Large: Microsoft Developer Division’s Journey


    Agility and the Inconceivably Large

    By Ade Miller on Feb 17, 2010

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