PDC Patterns of Parallel Programming Workshop

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 – 8:49 AM

Patterns of Parallel Programming PrimerI was speaking at our PDC Workshop today. We had a couple of hundred attendees and finished up with a great Q&A session; so many excellent questions that it actually overran. We didn’t leave the Conference Center until gone 6pm.

I’ve posted Patterns of Parallel Programming Primer. The other PDC decks and videos will be posted shortly, as soon as we can get things organized. I’ll post again and tweet when we have them online.

The other book I mentioned was C# 3.0 Design Patterns by Judith Bishop. I was reading this on the plane to LA. It’s shorter than both the Gang of Four book and Head First and it includes examples in C# with lots of callouts explaining the new features of 3.0. Worth checking out.

You can also find Stephen Toub’s excellent paper on MSDN:


This document provides an in-depth tour of support in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 4 for parallel programming. This includes an examination of common parallel patterns and how they’re implemented without and with this new support, as well as best practices for developing parallel components utilizing parallel patterns.

This is a great accompanying document for the multithreading section of the workshop.

The HPC Server team also has a series of white papers available:

Windows HPC Server 2008 Technical Overview – Get a detailed overview of Windows HPC Server 2008 new features and benefits.

Overview of SOA Programming Model and Runtime System for Windows HPC Server 2008 – Provides a technical overview of SOA applications and the Windows HPC Server 2008 functions that support the SOA model.

Windows HPC Server 2008: Using MS-MPI – Find out more about the new high performance Message Passing Interface (MPI) stack included in Microsoft HPC Pack 2008.

UPDATE: Feb 2010:

I’m happy to say the the slide decks from the PDC workshop finally seem to have shown up online. Go to the PDC page for the workshop…

Patterns of Parallel Programming: A Tutorial on Fundamental Patterns and Practices for Parallelism

Click on the Supporting Documents link to download a zip with all of the presentations. The videos of this workshop are not available.

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  2. Does look very interesting. My company doesn’t have the budget to send me . Any idea when the ‘virtual’ PDC will go live? What’s the time delay going to be between the live presentations and they’re being generally available online as Silverlight videos that the rest of us can see?

    By zinc on Nov 19, 2009

  3. Zinc,

    We’re working on this. Usually the workshop videos are not shared on the PDC site but I’m trying to get an exception made in this case.


    By Ade Miller on Nov 23, 2009

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