How Big is Your Processor Cache? Find out with Coreinfo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 – 5:00 AM

Need to know how big the caches are on your processor? You could wade through the copious documentation on Intel or AMD’s web sites. It turns out this is no fun at all. I did this last week and still didn’t have the answer after skimming several white papers.

Turns out there’s a useful little Sysinternals tool for figuring this out; Coreinfo.

Here’s coreinfo at work (click to enlarge). Run from the command prompt it displays all sorts of information about the processor hardware:

Coreinfo at work on my two core laptop.
As you can see from the image my laptop has 32Kb L1 data and instruction caches on each core and a shared 6Mb L2 cache, all with 64 byte cache lines.

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