Where Are All The Agile 2009 Blog Posts?

Monday, August 31, 2009 – 8:19 AM

Trump Tower, ChicagoIn short I’m working on it. This year’s conference was much lower key than last year but there were still some great takeaways. What hampered me as the the utter lack of decent network coverage. I’ve been to small mountain towns in Peru that did better than the Hyatt in Chicago! So very little blogging at the conference. The only thing that saved me was my (new) HTC Ozone. As I finally crumpled the Saturday before I left and upgraded to a “smart” phone.

After the conference I spent a few days wandering around the city with The Susan. Very impressed. One of the few US cities I’ve been to and actually thought I could live there.  Seattle seems like a bit of a dump by comparison. I can highly recommend dinner at the Signature Room—expensive but it’s worth it—and the Segway and Chicago Architecture Foundation boat tours. The Bean (Cloud Gate) is also a must see.

Slammed with meetings and the like today but I’ll be blogging about some of the highlights of the conference by Wednesday!

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