BritSpeak #5: Inopportune

Thursday, July 23, 2009 – 11:05 AM

Die Hard. This is what happens when you turn up to your ex-wifes Christmas party... Really! The best way to describe "inopportune" is to think of one of those completely generic Hollywood action movies; "Die Hard", "Die Harder", "Die a Lot", "True Lies" or "Big Fibs" –they’re all the same really. Arnie, Bruce, Sly… Yawn.

The point is… at some point in the movie the hero is having the crap beaten/shot/tickled out of him by the BAD GUYS and the completely generic romantic lead starts asking complicated questions about their "relationship".

This is "inopportune". Nobody wants to talk about the pros and cons of moving into the same apartment when there’s a hail of 9mm ordinance turning the file cabinet they’re hiding behind into Swiss cheese.

As a complete aside I’d be very happy to see some role reversal here. How about a movie where the heroine tells her romantic interest (male or female) to shut the f*** up and hand her another clip?

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