Agile 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009 – 9:16 AM

Agile 2009 In a somewhat unusual turn of events I’ve actually found the time to write my decks for Agile 2009 early this year. This never happens! I invariably arrive at the venue with a 90% complete deck and fill in the blanks as I talk to attendees.

However, this year I’m giving two talks and they’re both on the Monday, which is actually what drove me to start the decks early. Not some freakish sense of organization. 

Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices
Monday 11:00-12:30 Grand Ballroom C

The Scrum Bestiary: Pigs, Foxes, Chickens and Seagulls a behavioral taxonomy
Monday 16:00-16:45 Regency D

Hope to see you at the conference in August! If you can’t make it I have some vague plans to do at least one of these locally in Redmond at some point.