Domain Driven Design Quickly

Monday, June 29, 2009 – 9:26 PM

Domain Driven Design QuicklyAt ALT.NET Canada a few weekends ago I spent a bunch of time with Greg Young and Bob Brumfield. This seemed to involve drinking lots of stout, a bit too much stout perhaps. If only the bar had a better selection, like the Cannery Brewery’s Blackberry Porter from Penticton, BC for instance. But good atmosphere, great company and conversation although a Microsoft expense account was sadly lacking.

Which reminds me of the point of this post. Sorry it’s been a while coming…

A while back I spent the evening reading Domain-Driven Design Quickly. This is a good introduction to the concepts behind DDD and allowed me to make some sort of sense from what Greg and Bob were saying even after six pints of stout. It’s no substitute for reading Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Design. I’ll be pulling that off the shelf next.

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