Elegant Code Cast on Distributed Agile Development

Monday, May 18, 2009 – 9:01 AM

ElegantCodeCastLogo144X144 I spent an hour or so a week or so back talking to David Starr, of Elegant Code fame, about distributed agile development and some of the things we’ve discovered while running distributed team at p&p. If you’re running or working on a distributed team then you might find this interesting.

You can listen to the interview here on Elegant Code.

Here are some links to things I mentioned during the interview. They’re roughly in the order they come up during the interview:

Some videos of the p&p lab and team rooms at Microsoft.

At p&p we’ve been using Conchango Scrum for Team System and it’s virtual task board. VSTS is just one tool you could use, there are many others.

A description of Follow the Sun development where teams work on stories round the clock.

Grigori Melnik’s blog. Grigori is another person at p&p with lots of interests in the agile space.

My paper on how p&p does distributed agile (more talks and publications I’ve given on agile).

An explanation of Conway’s Law and team structure which is further explained in Scaling Lean & Agile Development , Bas Vodde and Craig Larman’s book.

A new approach to testing Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

The Agile 2009 conference is in Chicago in August. Here’s more details on my The Scrum Bestiary talk and the existing Scrum Bestiary page on my blog. I’m also talking about Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices. I reviewed proposals for the Agile Organization and Culture Stage.

The CodePlex homepage for the EntLib 5.0 Project and the customer prioritized backlog.

I’ll apologize up front for saying “err…” and “you know” a lot. Hopefully some of the above links will help with the “you knows”. I’ll probably be following up with a post explaining a bit more about customer connected engineering (and other phrases coming out of Microsoft).

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