New Agile Videos on Channel 9

Thursday, January 29, 2009 – 4:13 PM

We’ve posted a couple of new videos on Channel 9 this week. One from last year’s p&p Summit and a new one I shot last month showing how Visual Studio Team Architect build a team room without spending a lot of money.

pnp summit 2008 video – Distributed Agile Development

In this session at p&p Summit 2008, Ade Miller, Development Manager for patterns & practices, discusses how to optimize your distributed agile development projects. patterns & practices has been using Agile development for over five years now, and Ade presents the key learnings, do and don’ts, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked, as well as general observations and challenges.

Visual Studio Team Architect Builds a Team Room on a Budget

What if your team doesn’t have a huge budget to build a custom space for team development? Not everyone is lucky enough to have something like the purpose built p&p Agile Development Lab. In these challenging economic times teams have to get creative with how they think about creating shared spaces.

Andrew Byrne, a Development Lead on Visual Studio Team Architect, shows off the team space they created in an empty conference room and furnished with the help of their group administrator. We talk to the team about their experiences working in the new shared space and where they stand on 70’s décor and David Hasslehoff.

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