Agile 2009 Papers Due

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 – 2:07 PM

Agile 2009 conference web site...The session deadline for this year is Feb 13th. This year it’s in Chicago on August 24-28.

The conference organizers are looking for more submissions (I’m a reviewer for the Culture Stage). If you would like to present the web site has a page on how to propose a session.

I have a couple of things proposed already. If you have time I’d welcome feedback on them.

Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices

Most agile methodologies tend to assume that the team is co-located in a single team room. They give little guidance as to how to address team distribution although proven practices are starting to emerge within the community. The Microsoft patterns & practices team has been experimenting with distributed teams for several years, mining proven practices from the community and experimenting them out on numerous agile projects. This talk summarizes those learnings and proven practices and gives examples of their application – both good and bad – within our teams.


The Scrum Bestiary: Pigs, Foxes, Chickens and Seagulls a behavioral taxonomy

Names are important. Our ability to identify patterns of behavior and the likely reasons behind them helps when addressing team dynamics issues. The popular Scrum characters chicken and the pig turn out to be just two of many behaviors that comprise the Scrum Bestiary. Other examples include the seagull – who derails the team and leaves – and the fox – who is intent on stealing vital resources. This talk presents a taxonomy of common behaviors on teams and looks at the drivers behind them and strategies for addressing them.

Either way I hope to see you at the conference in August!


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