Samsung NC10: Enabling Two Finger Scrolling

Sunday, December 21, 2008 – 12:48 AM

The Synaptics Touchpad on the Samsung NC10 supports two finger scrolling but the driver they ship doesn’t enable this feature. Considering the touchpad is so small two finger scrolling sounds pretty attractive as it allows you to turn off the virtual scrollbars on the sides of the pad.

Lucky for there’s an open source tool that implements this feature.

You can download it from here: 

This runs as a standalone EXE and can be configured to run at startup.

How to configure virtual scrolling

  1. Download the ZIP and install the EXE into C:\Program Files\.
  2. Run the EXE.
  3. Double Right click on the TwoFinger Scroll icon in the taskbar tray to open the properties window.
  4. Check the Start with Windows checkbox and close the settings window.
  5. Open the mouse settings in the Windows control panel and select the (Synaptics) device settings tab.
  6. Click Settings… to open the properties window and uncheck virtual scrolling checkboxes under the Virtual Scrolling tree node.
  7. Similarly uncheck the Pinch option under Pointer Motion tree node.
  8. Click Apply and close the dialogs.

More touchpad real estate is now yours.

  1. 22 Responses to “Samsung NC10: Enabling Two Finger Scrolling”

  2. gr8! thx

    By Zoltan on Dec 27, 2008

  3. What the heck is 2 finger scolling and why is it better than one?

    By Graeme on Jan 5, 2009

  4. Graeme,

    Two finger scrolling allows you to scroll using the touchpad by simply using two fingers side by side and moving then up and down. This allows you to disable the side scrolling area used for one finger scrolling and effectively increase the size of the main touchpad area.

    It’s pretty popular feature on MacBooks etc.


    By Ade Miller on Jan 5, 2009

  5. hello, when I use the two finger scroll. the webpage is seen to zoom in and out while scrolling. How am I supposed to solve this prob?~ thank you~

    By Epst on Jan 13, 2009

  6. Epst,

    You need to open up the touchpad configuration and disable the zoom feature.

    I’ll update the post I don’t think it mentions this because I’d turned it off previously as it wasn’t working very well anyway.


    By Ade Miller on Jan 13, 2009

  7. thanks~ it’s working fine now

    By Epst on Jan 14, 2009

  8. hi, Ade:
    I;m thinking about if the 1024X600 resolution could somehow be adjusted into 1024X768 or higher? Because sometimes the webpage cannot be fully displayed~


    By Epst on Jan 15, 2009

  9. Hi, does the tapping facility work? It’d be sweet to be able to map them to things like the browser commands (Back/forwards/refresh spring to mind)

    By irrev on Jan 26, 2009

  10. irrev,

    As far as I know it should. I’ve not actually tried it.


    By Ade Miller on Jan 27, 2009

  11. Thank you-thank you-thank you!!

    The only reason I keep my old macbook around is this briliant feature. Now my spanking new NC10 has replaced that old beast forever….

    By JK on Mar 23, 2009

  12. My NC10 just went from really great to absolutely excellent!!
    Thanks for the installation guide.

    By Rille on Jul 28, 2009

  13. wanted to know more guidance how to use the two finger scroll please
    thank you

    By jess on Jul 29, 2009

  14. Hi Ade,
    Many thanks for this tip – it’s brilliant. Is there a way to play with the sensitivity of the two-finger scrolling? I find it a little too reactive…
    Many thanks

    By Fabien on Aug 11, 2009

  15. Fabien,

    Not that I know of. Maybe the basic mouse sensitivity settings effect this but I’ve not tried.


    By Ade Miller on Aug 12, 2009

  16. keeps saying:
    class not registered
    with all versions

    By bill gates on Apr 19, 2010

  17. Bill, You should read the updated post.

    Which applied to the RTM version of Windows 7.


    By Ade Miller on Apr 19, 2010

  18. i have windows xp, doesnt work for me

    By bill gates on Apr 20, 2010

  19. My Samsung NC-10 is great but drives me mad as the screen keeps zooming in and out without me intending to do it. As a complete moron in the computer dept. can you tell me what to do to make it stop! (in very simple terms)

    Thanks so much

    By Jennie on Nov 19, 2010

  20. Jennie,

    You can turn off the zoom function from the touchpad settings menu. I suspect what’s happening is that you have it setup so that the edges of the touchpad, which is very small, scroll or zoom. I can’t give any more detail as I don’t have my NC10 with me.

    Hope this helps,


    By Ade Miller on Nov 21, 2010

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