Most Popular Posts of 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008 – 9:42 AM

Time to look back on the year and pick out the most popular posts or topics based on visits:

  1. Building a Green Windows Home Server
  2. Common project settings for your Visual Studio solution
  3. C# Inline Methods and Optimization
  4. Gotchas: MSTest’s [DeploymentItem] attribute
  5. The “It Works on my Machine” Award
  6. Dependency Injection with Unity and Linq to SQL DataContexts
  7. An alternative to the C# generic new() constraint
  8. Delay Signing VSTO Add-In Projects
  9. Windows Home Server and Squeezebox
  10. The Complete Scrum Bestiary

Written on my Samsung NC10, which I’ve also been blogging about lately. Mainly because it lets me blog from almost anywhere all day.

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