The patterns & practices Top Ten

Friday, November 7, 2008 – 10:15 AM

patterns & practices John deVadoss and David Hill gave this morning’s keynote at the p&p Summit. They ran through a top ten list of things that p&p will be focusing on moving forward…

  1. Questions – Your feedback is number one
  2. There is a Method – What is the product frame
  3. Working together – You can direct our backlog!
  4. Who is using p&p? – Understand our community
  5. Visual Studio 10 – Getting ready for 10
  6. SharePoint – The road to Dublin
  7. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – A service bus for BizTalk
  8. Enterprise Library – Cross cutting concerns
  9. The Rich Client – Where to next 
  10. Cloud computing – EntLib for the cloud

We really do want feedback from customers on what we’re building, or planning to build. Leave a comment here or on one of the project discussions on our CodePlex communities.

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