Agile Development Practices 2008 is Next Week

Friday, November 7, 2008 – 11:00 AM

Find out more about the conference.As previously noted I’m going to be in Florida next week speaking at Agile Development Practices 2008 on Thursday afternoon (session details). It looks like there’s a great lineup of speakers for the conference… and then there’s me.

Here’s the abstract for my talk…

Scaling Agile Up and Out: A Tale from the Trenches

It seems like everyone wants to scale their agile teams. As projects grow in scope, the agile approach to software development needs to scale up to larger team sizes. Agile also needs to scale out to handle geographically distributed teams as businesses expand into new markets and seek the best talent available globally. These are challenging propositions for many teams.

I’ll be talking about my experiences at Microsoft—scaling agile up on the Visual Studio Tools for Office team and scaling out on the radically distributed teams within the patterns & practices group. I’ll cover some of the approaches we used—some which worked well, some not so well—and shares that the important thing is what was learned and how this new knowledge can be applied successfully to other projects. I’ll also present some successful practices when scaling agile projects as well as some key pitfalls to avoid on your projects.

Hope to see you there!

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