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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 – 10:12 AM

Click here to read the full paper...As you might have noticed there have been slightly fewer blog posts in October.  Why? Well I’ve been writing elsewhere and putting the finishing touches to a white paper on distributed agile development and our approach to it at patterns & practices.

Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft patterns & practices

Distributed development is a fact of life for many teams. Unfortunately most agile methodologies or approaches assume that the team is located in a single team room. Until recently there has been little guidance about how to apply these approaches with a geographically dispersed team.

Microsoft’s patterns & practices group has been following an agile, distributed development approach for the past five years. During this time teams within the group have experimented extensively with different approaches to best address the challenges of distributed agile development. This paper outlines the challenges faced by geographically distributed agile teams and details some proven practices to address these issues and build successful distributed teams.

This is now available online. We’ve also launched the patterns & practices Agile Development Showcase page as part of the patterns & practices developer center on MSDN. We even got a catchy URL for it!

More content will be appearing there as we develop it.

The next thing we’re looking at doing is a series of Tech Notes, short one page articles on best practices around specific activities. We’re thinking of covering things like; daily standup meetings, continuous integration and iteration planning. If there are things you’re particularly like to see then post a comment here.

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