Peek Inside a Microsoft patterns & practices Team Room

Thursday, September 25, 2008 – 4:15 AM

Click here to see the patterns & practices team rooms. Last week we did a video of the patterns & practices team spaces at Microsoft. This short video focuses on the team rooms and how we use some of their unique features as we develop our deliverables and work with distributed teams.

The video is now posted on Channel 9.

Obviously this is a pretty expensive piece of purpose built office space. The p&p team had to wash Bill Gates’ car for several months before he’d hunt for small change under his couch and fund the building work.

In a future video, or maybe even two, I’ll be looking at some other teams at Microsoft and how they’ve adapted existing spaces to team based work. That should give aspiring teams ideas as to how to make the best of their existing office space.

There’s a couple of other videos of the p&p space you might also be interested in:

Patterns and Practices Lab – A quick tour of the whole lab.

A Team of Thieves – How p&p got their team space. We didn’t wash Bill’s car we sort of “stole” it.